Arc Fire Productions

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Below is a list of our services and costs.

Script writing/editing

Every idea has a beginning.

We can offer script writing and editing for your project.

Social Media Videos

Short and to the point videos can get your message to a wide range of people.


Need a special event filmed? We have shot short documentaries, Television programmes and live events.

Short film

Life needs a little drama.  This is an area we are looking to develop further in the future.


We currently shoot on a Panasonic AG-HMC151 with boom mic and digital audio recording, shooting in 1080HD with clear audio.

In addition we use a Canon EOS 500D and Qumox sport camera, allowing alternate filming styles.

We edit with Final Cut pro and can encode and compress you video for social media presentation.

Costs, including equipment.


Script writing/editing                                   £50 per hour.


1 person: Director-Camera, 1 camera      £50 per hour/ £250 per half day.

Additional Cameras                                     £75 each.

Travel and Transport                                   Dependent on location.


Editing                                                                £50 per hour/£250 per half day

Graphics                                                            £50 per hour.

Motion graphics                                             £100 per hour.

Music                                                                 Dependent on music source.

Voice over artist                                            Dependent on requirements.